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So about a year ago, I started to get into Tina… at first it was only once a month, but by the end it was 2 to 3 times a week. I used Tina for one reason only…COCK! Fuck the clubs, lets get to business and fuck for hours.

During my time on Tina, life was grand…at times, I was able to play with over 10 guys in a 48-hour period…of course it was all UNSAFE! (There was one time I even told this hot man I was positive to have sex with him…how insane is that?)

Crystal was always fun and nobody knew I did it as I kept it a secret and kept my professional and personal life in order. (Of course, I would reschedule business appointments, as usually there was a cock around.)
Being on crystal, everything is great…however the few days after when it was not up my nose or my butt, the comedown was horrible.

My best friend, who is the only person who knew of my drug use, finally intervened. I had finally been caught and was out of control. I went to a therapist who told me that I was in “crisis mode.” Hard to believe for someone like me who always has it together.

During my time on crystal, I was a superstar…or so I thought. Let me tell you the first 90 days of not using was brutal…cravings, temptation…you name it. I went to AA and decide to check it out.

Today is now 7 months later without alcohol or drugs…the first time in my life. I am not going to say the road is easy…it is not. What I will say is that my life is getting better, slowly, and I am dealing with real issues instead of feeling numb on Tina.

My life today…I go to the gym (not high), I am relearning to have regular sex (not easy), and I am moving on.

I might try crystal again…who knows, but today, I did not use, so that makes it a good day.

If you are on crystal, the drug made me do insane things…hopefully you will read this and maybe think a little about why you are using and what benefits you are receiving.

Take care of yourself.


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